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A God-breathed Mission and Vision for 2024

Some may wonder why I haven't posted in the last year. Let's just say I felt ill-equipped as God was working on me.

My 2022 was a season of suffering. My right sacro-iliac (SI) pain progressed to the point where I was unable to work in September and I had to fight for 2 months with the insurance company to have the SI fusion. I finally had the surgery just after Thanksgiving 2022, but my recovery was no cakewalk. It was hindered by continued pain. I found out in October of 2023 that I have severe arthritis in my low back. The solution: a nerve block. I underwent the first one in November with pretty good success. Insurance would require completion of 2 blocks before an ablation, or burning of the sensory nerve, would be approved. Luckily, in conversation with a colleague, I found out that the ablation is not a permanent solution, the nerve would grow back. At $1000 out of pocket per each procedure and no guarantee of continued success and potential side effects, I could not continue down this path. There had to be a better way.

After recovering from my surgery and having been isolated in my home for almost 9-months (oh yeah, my position was eliminated shortly after I returned to work), and I wrestled with God wondering what my future would hold, as I still wasn't fully recovered. God brought me back to church and a small bible study group that has helped me grow in my faith and counteract all the lies I had been telling myself in isolation. I came out of this season with a new mission and vision: to help everyone who wants a healthier life.

Our healthcare system is broken. It is a symptom and disease treatment, not a preventative treatment system. It is not equal access for all, only those that have the right insurance or the right resources. Primary care doctors only have time to prescribe medications, not educate on health, wellness, and the importance of disease prevention.

My first goal was to help myself. I did not want to be chronically on anti-inflammatory medication for my arthritis, so I started taking a Holistic Nutrition Practitioner certificate course and started my health transformation journey (again). The first step was trying Ryze, a mushroom coffee.

I asked for this for Christmas because I was willing to try anything that could help me to have a quality of life with chronic arthritis pain. I started on Christmas Day with my first cup and my pain and inflammation have significantly improved, as has my energy level and focus. It took about a week and a half to start to see the difference, and now I won't go back! I encourage you to give it a try and see for yourself!

Like, Jesus, I want to flip this world upside down and not serve the rich but serve everyone. So, it is controversial in the business world, but I am lowering my prices to make it more affordable to all.

Another resource that helped me come out of my season of suffering, is a book called "Suffering" by Paul David Tripp. He tells his own story of suffering to help us in ours. This helped encourage me that God was going to use my story to help others. If you need a tune-up in your mind, body, or spirit, I would love to connect with you and encourage you!

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