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Can You Lose Weight If You Can't Exercise?

I chose this title because I am currently experiencing chronic pain that has not only limited my ability to exercise, but my whole life. I am basically limited to being sedentary, which is not my nature.

So, have I still been able to lose weight? Yes! I have tried to listen to my body's cues in regard to mobility and hunger.

Losing weight simplified, is burning more calories than what you consume. When suffering from chronic pain, there are quite a few psychological factors that come into play. Last year before I made the decision to start this journey, I was using food to comfort me. When I was stressed from work, eat chips. Down on myself for gaining so much weight and having to have surgeries, eat cookies. It was a vicious cycle. I had to break the chains and the cycle of seeking comfort in food. I also had to stop telling myself, and believing, that I was a failure.

How do you do it? Take one small step. Acknowledge that the season you are in is difficult. Acknowledge that you want to make a change. Start by reducing or eliminating empty calories, such as sugary drinks and sweets. Your new life is about moderation. You can still enjoy treats, but scale back. Next, assess what mobility you can do. How many steps are you currently taking in a day? Does that cause pain? Maybe you can't walk 2 miles at a stretch, but you may be able to park a little further away from the grocery store or at work. Set a goal of taking 1,000 more steps this week and assess your pain.

Still have questions? Send me a message! I would love to partner with you on your journey!

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